Intellectual Property Foundation and Patent Mining


Scope of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property Also known as “intellectual property rights”, it refers to the broad fields of industry, technology, science and art The exclusive legal rights involved in intellectual creation, invention and innovation. Intellectual property rights include: Copyright (copyright), trademark, patent, Trade secrets, new plant varieties, semiconductor integrated circuit design, trade name (company name)

Patent Type

Total have three type of patent

  1. Invention New technical solutions for products, methods or their combination. Products: articles, devices, equipment, tools, materials, etc. Method: manufacturing method, use method, communication method, processing method, etc. (Pure intellectual activity rules and methods cannot be granted patent rights.)
  2. Utility model New practical technical solutions proposed for the shape, structure or combination of the product. (It can be directly observed from the definite spatial shape; it solves the technical problem, not just for more beautiful appearance.) Such as: the shape of the cup, the relative position relationship of the parts and the mechanical cooperation relationship, the relationship between the components that constitute the circuit Connection relationship, etc.
  3. Appearance design A new design that is aesthetically pleasing and suitable for industrial applications based on the shape, pattern or combination of the product and the combination of color, shape and pattern. Such as: the style of clothes, the outline of the product, the graphics on the surface, etc.

Patent Characteristics

  1. Exclusivity The patent right for invention creation is unique, monopoly and exclusive.
  2. Timeliness Term of protection: 20 years for invention, 10 years for utility model, and 10 years for appearance.
  3. Regional The patent laws of each country are independent, and the patent right is only valid in the ratifying country.