Kubernetes vs Docker Swarm

A Comparison


In this tutorial, we will be reviewing what the fundamental similarities and distinctions are between Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. Kubernetes and Docker are two of the major players in container orchestration. Both Kubernetes and Docker Swarm continue to grow in popularity as they are increasingly used by those working with container deployment, orchestration, and management. Across all vertical markets, businesses continue to find new methods of utilization and practice with more uses constantly being discovered.

Table of Content

Today, we will be reviewing the following concepts.

  • What is Docker Swarm?
  • What is Kubernetes?
  • What are the main features of Kubernetes and Docker Swarm?
  • Comparing Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
  • When is it better to use Docker?
  • When is it better to use Kubernetes?
  • What are the alternatives to Kubernetes and Docker?

What is Docker Swarm?