Arch Linux/Manjaro sound and sound card configuration


After install Arch Linux/Manjaro, although alsa-utils has been installed, it may still not play sound correctly. Here is a solution.

First try

amixer sset Master unmute

If you use alsamixer to unmute the master sound, you still can’t play the sound.

Please, following the steps at the below.

NOTE: If you faced maixer: Unable to find simple cintrol ‘Master’, 0, that means, it maybe that the sound card device cannot be found or the sound card driver us not installed.

Finding sound card ID and set-up .asoundrc file

Using below commands to get the sound card ID and device ID of the sound card you want to use.

aplay -l

There is a example for select the sound card with the sound card ID of 1 and the device ID of 0 for configuration.

Add the following three lines to the configuration file ~/.asoundrc

defaults.pcm.card 1
defaults.pcm.device 0
defaults.ctl.card 1

The PCM option determines the device used to play audio, and the CTL option determines which sound card can be used by the control tool (alsamixer)

If you want to manage configuration files in a unified way, please have a read Linux/Managing Your Dotfiles With Git and Make .