Verify Your Site For Bing Webmaster Tools - Bing SEO



Bing Webmaster Tools optimizes your site and monitors its performance in Bing search engine results.

You should verify your site with Bing Webmaster Tools after launching your site.

Before you start, create a Microsoft account .


Log in to Bing with with your Microsoft Account. Under My Sites, enter your site’s URL. Click Add. On the Add a site page, in Add a sitemap, enter . Optionally select the time of day when you anticipate the most traffic to your site, then click Add. On the Verify ownership page, under Option 2, copy the verification code in between content=“xxxxxx”. Open a new browser tab and log in to your site. Navigate to Site Settings > SEO. Under Search Engines and Analytics, paste the verification code into the Bing Webmaster Tools Verification field. Click Submit. Return to your Bing Webmaster Tools browser tab. Click Verify. If you receive an “Bing could not verify ownership of this site” message, you may need to wait a few hours and try again.

Once your site is verified, we recommend following these steps:

In Bing Webmaster Tools, navigate to Configure My Site > Geo-Targeting. Change the dropdown from Directory to Domain, then select the country of your target audience. Click Submit. Navigate to Configure My Site > Users. Under Would you like to add a user?, enter in the Email field, then click Add. This allows LexBlog to perform maintenance or troubleshoot your site.