Getting started with Multi-Basler Trigger Asynchronous



Check network card PTP suuport:

yay -S ethtool
sudo ethtool -T enp3s0f3
yay -S ptpd-git
yay -S linuxptp

Software Trigger Asynchronous

Synchronous Free Run The Synchronous Free Run camera feature allows you to capture images on multiple cameras at the same time and the same frame rate.

How It Works

If you are using multiple cameras in free run mode, image acquisition is slightly asynchronous due to a variety of reasons, e.g., the camera’s individual timings and delays.

The Synchronous Free Run feature allows you to synchronize cameras in free run mode. As a result, the cameras will acquire images at the same time and at the same frame rate.

Also, you can use the Synchronous Free Run feature to capture images with multiple cameras in precisely time-aligned intervals, i.e., in a chronological sequence. For example, you can configure one camera to start image acquisition at a specific point in time. Then you configure another camera to start 100 milliseconds after the first camera and a third camera to start 200 milliseconds after the first camera:

Also, you can configure the cameras to acquire images at the same time and the same frame rate, but with different exposure times:

Action Commands

Scheduled Action Commands

Hardware Trigger Asynchronous