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Introduction archstrike

In Arch Linux, the common way to install new software is install software from official repositorie. But, on some of special fields, there are lots of unofficial user repositorie is avaliable.

For example, archstrike is a famous repository for security professionals and enthusiasts.

In this article, I will tech you how to use others repositorie and how to make you own repositorie for share your package with others person.

Use others repositorie

There are two categories of repositorie is often used: signed repositorie and unsigned repositorie.

In order to use these repositories, the common method is add them to /etc/pacman.conf. If a repository is *signed, you must obtain and locally sign the associated key.

There is a example below to show you how to add community repositorie to your system and how to install those applications from your added repositorie.

The example about install wechat from Arch Linux Chinese community repositorie.

Arch Linux Chinese Community Repository


Add repo:

Server =$arch

to your /etc/pacman.conf .

For mirrors (strongly recommended for users in China), see .

Import PGP Keys:

sudo pacman -Sy && sudo pacman -S archlinuxcn-keyring

Install Wechat:

yay -S wine-for-wechat

Create your own custom repository archlinuxcustomrepository

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